How it works

How This Business works

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Real Estate Affiliate Marketing

So what’s this Real Estate Affiliate Marketing or Network Marketing about?
Actually even though many of my colleagues like to call the business Real Estate Network Marketing I don’t. The
reason is because it can be misleading to describe the business that way as it has only one similarity to network marketing, which is that it leverages on referrals as an alternative means to earn. Other than
that there are no similarities.

The more befitting name for the business is Real Estate Affiliate Marketing.

Real Estate Affiliate Marketing:
Affiliate Marketing is simply a marketing arrangement by which a merchant pays commission to a promoter/marketer/advertiser for leads or sales generated from their referrals. In simple words…, this Nigeria Real Estate Affiliate Marketing Programme gives you an opportunity to
become an independent sales representative for real estate companies in Nigeria and make extra money working part-time or full-time.
In the case of real estate, the merchants are real estate companies and you register with them either free or for a fee to become one of their real estate consultants, and when you make a sale and your client makes payment to the
real estate company your commission due from the sale is immediately paid to your bank account, so no waiting till the end of the week or month to get paid.

The network marketing side of the business allows you to invite others to join the business under you and build a team of consultants or marketers that you support to know the business and become successful in it. Their success is
your success too because you get to earn on every sale they and their team members (successlines/downlines) make. With an active team you can get to earn well even
without personally making a sale.


✅ Registration is free, but this depends on the company there are some companies you pay to join, yet just one sale can make you a millionaire.
✅ It has no monthly sales requirement that you must meet in other to earn commission.
✅ You don’t have to personally make a sale before you can earn from the sales of your downlines.
✅ Every consultant earn the same commission percentage. There’s no hierarchy and no extra percent for those pushing bigger sales volume monthly or yearly.
✅ The network marketing side of the business is optional. No one will force you to build a certain number of team members or build any team at all. Building a team is simply for your benefit. Why limit
yourself to earning from just your own effort when you can earn from others efforts too? But the point here is, whether you introduce people to join the business or not, you can make millions from your own sales effort. I’m a perfect example of that. At least 90% of my earnings thus far are from my own sales effort.
✅ You get paid your due commission within 48 hours of payment confirmation
✅ There’s nothing to lose when you join. You either sell or you don’t sell, either way no pressure. However anything worth doing is worth doing well.

How to Become a Real Estate Affiliate
A real estate consultant or affiliate is an intermediary who links up a property seeker with a real estate
company. In simple word, if you find someone who wants to buy a
plot of land and you take that person to a real estate company, you are a real estate consultant.

To become a real estate consultant, you need to register with a real estate company. Registering with some companies is totally free while
with some, you will have to pay Registration Fee.

But don’t worry, the companies I will be introducing to you will not charge a dime for you to register with them
and they pay 15% – 20% commission to their consultants/marketers

On how to register and which company, I will come back to that later. Lets discuss more on the money first.

Like I said before, you get paid a certain commission for linking up a property seeker to a real estate company.
Some company will pay you 15% of the total price of the sold property, while some will pay just 10%. But whichever company you choose, you will still be making money in millions.
Now lets do some maths, lets assume a buyer bought a plot of land worth 2
million Naira, as the consultant who brought in the buyer, your commission would be;
Base on 15% (15/100 x 2,000,000) = N300,000
While working with the 15% commission structure, you only need 2 or 3 property buyers each month to be able
to make a million. But the interesting part of this business is that over 60% of property buyers you will
meet will surely buy properties worth much more than 2 million Naira.

Presently, an estate developer (a real estate company) is
selling a plot of land in an estate at Ibeju-Lekki which goes for 3 million naira. If you are able to get a buyer for
the company, your take home pay is N450,000 just from ONE deal! Close just 2 deals of this type in a month and
you will make almost a million. Even if na only 2 plots you fit sell for a month, thats
enough kash! Abi?
One of my team members sold a 4 bedroom duplex located in an estate in Ikota here in Lagos for 54 million
Naira cash and he collected just 5% from that deal. The deal got him 2.7 million Naira. Do you now understand why I said real estate is a BIG business?
Are you doubting if a company can actually pay you as high as 2.7 million Naira just for closing a deal on a 54 million Naira property? Let me tell you this, the real estate companies are the
ones making the whole of the profit. The little commission they give consultants is change compare to the profit they get after selling the properties.

Registering under a real estate company is easy and simple. There are many real estate companies out there but finding a reputable and high paying one is a bit of a
hard work. There are reputable, genuine and high paying real estate companies in Nigeria but I have decided to partner with just one of them for some good reasons. The good news is that, registering with this particular company is free, though they have categories of registrations and they pay 5-20% commission to their consultants.
The company headquarter is in Lagos but has branches in about 15 states of Nigeria.

On how to register as a consultant with the company.
1. You will have to chat me up on WhatsApp (+234 802 777 5969) concerning this.
2. Then l’ll send the registration link to you
3. After registering successfully, I will then add you up to our Real Estate WhatsApp
Group where we talk strictly on real estate and how to succeed in it.
4. You will get an ID card after registering, (T&C Apply)
5. Then you’re now confirmed a Real Estate Consultant.
You can now start promoting the company’s available properties afterwards.
6. All resources, tools, title documents of the lands, pictures and videos of the sites will be shared on the WhatsApp group.
Once you are able to bring in a buyer successfully, you will be paid 5-20% of the property price as commission
depending on the price & location of the property for the job well done.
It should be noted that the group is created for all my team members where I intend to further teach, gives tips and ideas to everyone that joins my network,
including marketing tips and success stories from group members so as to ginger the swagger of the sleeping
minds. I believe this group will help each and every one of us grow in no time.

Now the ball is in your court
1. If you’re tired of your current financial situation
2. If you want to add a second source of income
3. If you don’t want to depend on someone else again
4. If you are tired of being bullied around by a boss who’s not even your age mate
5. And most importantly, if you really want to leave that comfort zone to start a journey that is capable of
dropping over N1,000,000 into your bank account every month, then you should jump at the opportunity I’m offering
you today.

Now, pick your phone, open your WhatsApp and send me the following;

· Your full name
· Your phone number(s)
· Your state of residence
With the subject line as I AM INTERESTED
Once I receive your WhatsApp message, I will forward the Registration Link to you.

The fact is I just shared with you what other people charge big money for. I’ve been to a seminar where N45,000 was charged for this same info I just shared
with you.

Take ACTION now