About Us


Our Company is Partner With Us International Limited. We are an organization of consultants with interest in REAL ESTATE MARKETING, CONSULTING, DEVELOPMENT AND INVESTMENT. We partner with like-minded people ranging from graduates, home-makers, working professionals, and retirees who seek better income goals.

Our Vision:
To reliably empower, train, and teach people to be successful through PARTNERSHIP

Our Core Values:
Innovation and Constant Improvement
We deliver on our promises
Having fun
Teamwork, Team Orientation, & Commitment to each other

We don’t give jobs, rather we empower people to become entrepreneurs. You can partner with us from wherever you are in Nigeria and beyond.

***We are Independent Real Estate Professionals
***We make money weekly
***We travel the world on All Expense Paid Trip
***We are landlords and landladies
***We own and drive exotic cars
***We are people empowering people
***We pay our bills with ease
***We are the happiest business people in Nigeria
***We enjoy better lifestyle
***We always have fun

Our Partner With Us™ Trainings educate our prospective partners how to start their own Real Estate business- part time and subsequently using the tested system to decide whether to do it full time. We have raised more millionaires than any other industries in Nigeria and globally.