About Us

We are an Orginization of consultants with interest in REAL ESTATE MARKETING, CONSULTING, DEVELOPMENT AND INVESTMENT. We partner with like-minded people ranging from graduates, home-makers, working professionals, and retirees who seek better income goals.

Our Partner With Us™ Trainings educate our prospective partners how to start their own Real Estate business- part time and subsequently using the tested system to decide whether to do it full time. We have raised more millionaires than any other industries in Nigeria and globally.

How We Work With Our Partners

Our working world is changing faster than our imagination; job insecurity is increasing globally, and people are left wondering if there is a better way. In our organization, we have a system that discourage corporate or office rivalry and the likes. We lifted the income ceiling as we have partners earning N750,000+ monthly - part time. We have developed The M.A.S.T. Transformation: Achieving Financial Success Speedily that offers:

  • Mentorship
  • Accountability
  • S.Y.S.T.E.M.
  • Team Support

Experience our next success summit

Join a group of possible people with undying energy and thirst for business success. Experience our Real Estate secrets for making a N750,000+ Monthly income part-time; brilliant compensation plan; recognition and reward system; world class peak performance trainers; high octaneraffle draw and refreshment.

Benefits of Partnering With Us

Join over 500 partners who are making millions of Naira doing Real Estate business - a viable and sustainable option even in a downward economy.


Weekly Commission

Get Commission on every property sold when you partner with us.


All Expense Paid Trip Abroad

You get a 5 star treatment abroad for you and your family


Partners Retreat

Our Partners Retreat happens twice a year, were we dine, train and impact our partners.


Brand New Car

You get a brand new car when you become an ambassador with us.

Our Partners' Lifestyle

Smart Works. True Leverage. Better Lifestyle.

Our Recent Stories

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Are You Thinking and Sinking

with Ijewemen O

Little wonder that Martin Luther King, Jr. said, "maid is a terrible thing to waste". The mind is the element of the soul of man that does no other function but to think. When the mind is not engaged in a voyage of thinking- right thinking - it becomes sunk in stagnation, and end up stinking, so no thinking, get stinking.....

Concerned Leadership

with Ijewemen O
Partner With Us Lifestyle

Every citizenry empowered with the Franchise to vote or be voted for has a significant stake in national government. However resentment and it becomes sunk in stagnation, and end up stinking, so no thinking, get stinking

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